GCH Kelleyz Rockin the Gates of Graceland

DOB 10/14/11

Berner-Garde ID# 85024



"Abby" is the matriarch, the one who started it all and my heart dog! She has it all! Temperament, Movement, and Structure that has made her competitive in the show ring and an amazing fun loving family dog! Currently "Abby" is just enjoying lounging around. She will be taking some time off from the show ring and may make a few appearances at a later time. "Abby" had her first and only litter in May 2017. Keep an eye out for a couple of her puppies in the show ring!

Mtn Elks One Shot at a Miracle

DOB 5/11/7

Berner-Garde ID# 141506


We are very excited to introduce the newest member of our family, "Bailey-Jean"!!!! This is one of "Abby's" puppies. She has had Tom wrapped around her paw from day one. She is a very outgoing little girl that loves to explore and share some snuggles with you as well. We look forward to watching her grow.