Available Puppies

So you think you want a Bernese Mountain Dog? Of course they are cute and fluffy but do you know anything about them? Health, Temperament, Size, Coat Care, and how long they typically live? Please take a moment to read through the links provided for you on the info page to see if a Bernese Mountain Dog is right for you! 

Our puppies are only placed in the best loving homes with a spay/neuter contract. We also require our new puppy owners to have the puppies recommend health clearances done by 2 years old, this includes but not limited to having their hips and elbows x-rayed and sent to OFA.  Once you have a puppy from us you are now part of the Mtn Elk Family. We also encourage you as extended family to keep in touch with us and ask any and all questions throughout your Dog's life and beyond! 


We do not have any puppies at this time! Please check back with us. There is the possibility of a new litter in 2019/2020! To be added to our wait list email us at mtnelkberners@gmail.com






When choosing to breed we take every thing into consideration. Health Clearances are a must! Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Heart, DM, and VonWilabrands  are all health issues that are known in this breed. Any time you are considering adding a new member to the family the first  2 questions you should be asking are: 1) Have the parents passed the recommend health clearances for this breed? and 2) May I see those certificates? (Don't take their word for it!) Temperament is always a top priority in order to make sure our puppies are happy and healthy in every aspect of their life. Breed Standards are key in making sure we are breeding structurally sound puppies that continue to improve the breed. Longevity so they have the most time possible with their families!  Our puppies are sold to only the best homes under a strict contract! Contact us if you are interested in one of our well loved puppies!   

Selena & Tom Fowler

Bozeman, Montana